H1 Quinplex® Penetrating Oil

SKU: LE4058, LE4059-CAN

Typical Applications

Any area where a penetrating and lubricating oil suitable for incidental food contact is required. This includes bottling and canning equipment, food processing machinery, slides, cams, chains and other machine surfaces.

Outstanding food grade, penetrating oil and lubricant. Works quickly to dissolve rust and free-up frozen parts. Rapidly penetrates and leaves a heavy lubricant film for further lubrication and corrosion prevention. Formulated from USP Grade mineral oils and other USDA H1 rated components. Contains LE’s proprietary additive, QUINPLEX®.

Beneficial Qualities

  • Loosens corroded and frozen parts.
  • Protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion.
  • Contains an H1 authorized polar organic solvent to assist in water displacement.
  • Pleasant odour.
  • Contains a H1 authorized solvent to help dissolve and penetrate residues.
  • Contains H1 authorized anti-wear additives.
  • Safe for the environment: contains no ozone depleting chemicals.
  • This lubricant conforms to CFR Title 21, part 178, Section 178.3570 as published by the FDA.
  • USDA H1
  • Certified Halal by IFANCA