Oil Recirculation Systems

Lubrication Engineers can design and manufacture oil circulation / oil cooling systems for any application combining your specific requirements and any preferred brands of componentry.

Oil recirculation system manufactured for Blue Circle Southern Cement

100 litre reservoir, 5 litre / minute.

Self contained unit includes a terminal panel for all incoming and outgoing. services including 415V electric power.

Oil recirculation system with remote mounted fan cooler for Symons 7' Cone Crusher

246 litres / min flow.

832 litre tank capacity.

2800 BTU / min heat / load.

Two pumps, one for oil circulation to the bearings and the other for circulation of oil through dual fan coolers.

Oil recirculation system for steel rod bending machine

100 litre unit fitted with a water to oil heat exchanger

Cooling unit manufactured for Adelaide Brighton Cement works

Cooling and Filtration unit for main bearings on ore haulage winder at an underground mine

A small oil circulation unit designed for Blue Circle Cement incorporating a miniature air blast cooler

Oil recirculating system for white metal bearings on a rock crushing plant