Single Line Progressive Systems

3000 Series Divider Valve Manifold

The Series 3000 divider valve manifold distributes and proportions incoming oil or grease to bearing points.

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Airmatic Lubricator

Adaptable air operated unit can be used with all centralized lubrication types. Ideal for all sizes of machinery.

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CSK Lubricator

Designed for grease lubrication and driven by a DC motor, this lubricator is ideal for single line systems.

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Dynamis Lubricator

Electric lubricator with on-board controller and mountable series progressive divider valves.

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Farval DA Lubricators

For bearings that require an application of lubricant infrequently, the manually-operated pumping unit is used, and may be located on the machine or at any convenient point nearby.

FZ Series Lubricators

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Junctions, junction bars and junction headers are used in lubrication systems for easy branching of tubing lines from two to multiple outlets.

M2500 Series Divider Valve Manifold

The principal components of a progressive lubricating system. Modular construction makes these blocks easy to install, modify and maintain, without removing any tubing.

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MultiPort Lubricator

Self-contained electric motor driven pump. Up to 3 outlets, adapts to all types of centralized grease systems.

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Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges are used as a convenient means of indicating pressure developed in the distribution system.

PV-B/MV-B Divider Valve

The PV-B/MV-B divider manifold is designed for small-size series progressive lubrication systems. It is a cost efficient solution for supplying multiple lubrication points with relatively small volumes of oil and grease.

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SK-505 Lubricator

The SK-505 lubricator is a piston discharge pump activated by a small direct current (DC) electric motor.

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SMDC Mobile Controller

A multi-purpose controller used in various lubricating system types, such as single line resistance, positive displacement injectors, progressive and pulse systems.

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SS2200 Controller

Microprocessor-based programmable controller designed to operate single line and dual line central lubrication systems.

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SC400 Controller

The SC400 Controller is a full featured lubrication control, offering “two plus one” functionality: Two independent lubrication zones may be programmed with a single controller, plus control of one automatic reservoir fill system. Replaces the obsolete SS4500 Controller.

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SureMatic Lubricator

Adjustable output, pneumatic operated pump handles semi-fluid, soft & firm greases up to NLGI No. 2.

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TTN Lubricator

The TTN lubricator is a rugged, compact, electric, motor-driven lubricator. It has a large reservoir, on-board controller/monitor and a small footprint.

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U-Block Divider Valve

U-Block divider valves are specially designed for use in progressive lubrication systems. Several outlet configurations are available that allow you to tailor the divider valve to your lubrication specifications.

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