Wire Rope Flaw Detection – TST

Defect Types & Flaw Detection

  • LF(Local Fault) LMA(Loss of Metallic Area)
  • Physical Damages: Broken wire, Abrasion,Structure Deformation
  • Material Deteriorations: Corrosion, Fatigue
  • Qualitative/Quantitative Flaw Detectione
  • High Repeatability
  • High Accuracy
  • Waveform Inspection Diagram Output
  • Statistical Inspection Result Table Output

The TST FDSys.P Flaw Detection System is developed on the basis of Magnetic Inductive Sensing (MIS) and Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) technology. The system is a complete, portable and non-destructive testing system for use on steel wire ropes and steel pipes to detect physical damage or material deterioration.

• Nondestructive inspection of wire rope with diameter from 6-65mm
• Detection powered by TST sensor array
• Portable detection of various flaw types including broken wire, corrosion, pitting, abrasion, fatigue etc. for which a magnetic signature will be left due to the occurrence of a flaw event.
• Instant monitoring and evaluation of inspection process with portable ‘Control Panel’ and ‘Screen’
• Data processing with built-in signal processor for portable application
• Evaluating and reporting with built-in and PC software set for portable application