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Free Desiccant Breather

*Claim your FREE Xclude LEXS1-66 Desiccant Breather

Breathers are often an important yet overlooked component of on-site lubricated equipment.

The Xclude LEXS1-66 Desiccant Breather is designed to protect your equipment by reducing the amount of airborne contamination and moisture entering. The breather unit simply replaces the standard dust or breather cap on equipment and is perfect for gear boxes or similar applications with fairly static oil volumes.

During the service the desiccant also absorbs moisture that is already trapped in the lubricant, further reducing overall contamination levels. 

This provides the following benefits:

  • Prevention of the ingress of contaminants and moisture, improving lubrication and reducing filtration requirements.
  • Improved reliability as a result of the above
  • Treat the root cause of failure, not the symptoms

Sizing can be confirmed by utilising the attached data sheet, or by simply contacting Lubrication Engineering for assistance.

Xclude Breather

Interested in a Complimentary Breather Audit?

Lubrication Engineering are experts in lubrication and improving equipment reliability. Why not take the opportunity to have one of our team review your current contamination management practices and explain how you may benefit from a broader use of breathers across your plant.

Speak to one of our team members on receipt of your Free LEXS1-66 Desiccant Breather for more information.

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*Terms & Conditions Apply

While stocks last. Limit one per company. Offer applies to the Xclude LEXS1-66 model only and cannot be substituted for any other model. Available to Australian residents only.  Lubrication Engineering Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for misapplication of the Xclude LEXS1-66 Desiccant Breather. Please refer to the available datasheet for application information.

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