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Raise the Bar Through Training 

The training offered by Lubrication Engineering provides real world, hands on information that can be immediately applied by all lubrication and maintenance staff who attended the course. Based around key aspects of our ‘Circle of Reliability’ users will be empowered to improve lube storage, transfer / top ups, oil sampling, cleanliness management, reduce waste, improve environmental processes and increase reliability. Your investment in trained staff will encourage proactive lubrication management which will increase productivity while reducing the high costs associated with machinery breakdowns.

Lubrication Engineering offer training programmes to help your team become proficient and certified in best practice when it comes to lubrication.

Our training programmes help your team improve their skills and procedures when it comes to:

  • Lube Storage
  • Lube Transfer
  • Lube Refilling
  • Oil Sampling
  • Managing Cleanliness
  • Waste Reduction
  • Environmental Processes
  • Equipment Reliability

Choose from the following training packages

Lubrication Best Practice Training


A combination of hands on and theoretical training delivered by a Lubrication expert from Lubrication Engineering covering:

  • Lubrication Fundamentals
  • Storage and Transfer
  • Principles of Application
  • Oil Sampling and Analysis
  • Contamination Management
  • Best Practice Processes

Who should attend:

  • Dedicated Lube Technicians
  • Facility Technicians and Operators
  • Condition Monitoring Personnel
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Purchasing Staff

Lubrication Best Practice – Advanced Lubrication Management


A combination of hands-on and theoretical training delivered by a Lubrication expert from Lubrication Engineering and one of our partner organisations. Participants will receive an ISO or ICML Accredited Certification. The course content covers:

  • Lubrication theory, selection and application
  • Lube storage, handing and contamination management
  • Lubrication & reliability maintenance strategies
  • Lubrication health monitoring
  • Advanced lubrication best practice

Who should attend:

  • Dedicated Lube Technicians /Team Leaders
  • Maintenance Team Leaders/Supervisors
  • Reliability Engineering Team
  • Maintenance Engineering Staff

Training can be delivered on client premises and be customised to your needs and operations . Contact Us to discuss an appropriate training package

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